Baby Cheems Billionaire

The son of the filthy rich Cheems. Like father like son, we are here to share our wealth with all of you guys. You dont want to miss out this moneymaker. Fill your bags future kings and queens.


We are the next BSC project that everyone will be talking about.
We are not just a simple token that promises you the moon with just words.

With our utility and actual use case, we will be the next big project that will create chaos in the defi space.
Baby Cheems billionaire is here for the long run and holders will win.


Staking Dashboard - We will create a staking dashboard that will give you passive income in our native token.
Simply stake and earn.

Low Supply, High Demand NFTs - 2500 unique 3D character NFT’s with gaming use cases.

Play2earn Games - Win rewards, upgrades and earn income. 

Giveaways and Contests - Help the token and the token helps you. Active holders will be rewarded even more!

Your voice matters!

Holders will get a say in our staking and gaming platforms! Voting, contests and more. With every milestone we hit, we will unlock features.


5% - Rewards

As each transaction takes place five percent will be used for rewards, hence be rewarded in BUSD.

5% - Liquidity

When a transaction takes place there will be a fee of five percent which will automatically be added to our liquidity pool in order to increase our floor day by day and stabilise BCB.

5% - Marketing

Our marketing wallet will be growing as each transaction takes place. We will then gradually sell in slow amounts over a period of time to use for the funds for marketing.



Stage 1

- Social Media + Website Launch
- Influencer Shoutouts
- CoinGecko Application
- CMC Application
- BSCScan Social Info Application
- A thousand holders

Stage 2

- Be listed on CMC & CG
- Further Influencer Shoutouts
- Get audited by Certik
- Launch Staking Dashboard
- Buy backs + burns with a percentage of marketing funds
- Launch NFT Minting Platform
- Holders increased by five thousand
- Begin developing P2E Gaming

Stage 3

- Marketing with billboards
- Listing on exchange platforms
- Marketing towards the asian market
- Begin Metaverse Development
- Paid articles to be written in large forums/blogs


Over here you will be guided step-by-step on how to buy Baby Cheems Billionaire.


Download TrustWallet & Fund your wallet

Simply visit & download the application. Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet.

Enable TrustWallet (iPhone Only)

Visit PancakeSwap on your browser. Click connect on the top right corner of the page. Click WalletConnect, and select Trust Wallet. This will open up the app. Confirm on Trust Wallet and head back to your mobile browser.

Swap for Baby Cheems Billionaire

Select exchange from the dropdown menu on the left. Click ’Select a currency’ & enter the contract address. Set your slippage to 15% and click swap!

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